Mission in Senegal, West Africa


Senegal is located in West Africa. 94% of the population are Muslims and has a great need for the gospel. However, the field is large and there are few people working. It is proposed that we use this Muslim country as one of our mission point.
There are five Chinese missionaries in Senegal at present. They are co-workers from Alliance Global Serve Limited (a Hong Kong based international mission). The team has been developing Chinese and local ministry in Senegal. There will be an opportunity for our church to work with them in their “Dakar Chinese Christian Meeting“ church planting work, school planting in rural areas and the spreading of the Gospel. We can also help to encourage the church members to participate in missions, foster their missionary spirit, so that they will earn experience and will commit to long term missions in the future.

How this mission started?

When I attended the European Pastoral Conference in Italy two years ago, I met Sister Chen, a missionary who has been serving in West Africa for seven years. She encouraged me to pay a visit to the West African threshing floor. Hence, from mid-November to the end of December 2019, I started my first step of African Mission with brother Kai.

How it is so far?

Apart from brother Kai, there are five missionaries serving in Senegal. We are communicating with the co-workers there and planning to recruit short-term missionaries to join the mission. I also planned to go there with my wife in the end of April 2020 to arrange and confirm some works so that our church can also participate in some of the mission projects. However, the plan is disrupted by the pandemic. May the Lord lead the way of mission!

What difficulties have you encountered?

In Africa, the most difficult thing is to adapt to the local culture and rural living environment. There are also communication problems. However, it can be overcome by the grace of the Lord.

Two missionaries from Alliance Global Serve Limited will be leaving the Senegal workshop by mid-July 2020. There will be only three co-workers remaining. It is hoped that new co-workers will join and more short-term missionaries will be involved in the mission in the near future.

Visions and Plans

  1. To encourage brothers and sisters who have this burden from Den Bosch Chinese Christian Church and our church to serve in Senegal Mission.
  2. Chinese Ministries – The newly established Chinese Church in West Africa also needs assistance in many aspects such as worship training, care group bible study training, spreading the gospel, teaching, pastoring of the congregation, from external resources. These are all pressing.
  3. Local Mission – To help local believers to attend Christian schools instead of going to Islamic schools. And to provide education to children from poor families so that the students and their parents have the opportunity to get to know Jesus.
  4. To set up schools for children in some rural villages so that they can be educated (The illiteracy rate is very high in Africa). This requires long term providence and service from the European Chinese churches.