Den Bosch Chinese Christian Church Development

Rev Patrick Tsang

How was this mission started?

I was invited to preach in a family camp of Den Bosch Chinese Christian Church last year. Their associate pastor was due to leave and they asked me if I could spare some time to help and care for their church. This is how the ministry started!

How it is so far?

I have known the brothers and sisters of Den Bosch Chinese Christian Church for many years and so I am no strangers to them. I engaged immediately in their main ministry. In addition to teach them how to preach, I also participated in the training of team leaders, visitation and the follow up of newcomers. In addition to the pastoral staff of the church, I am so grateful that I can serve together with some couples whom I have known for many years. God’s grace is beyond my expectations. Some complicated issues have also been settled.

What difficulties have you encountered?

Of course, there are difficulties, especially when I left home and my family. I felt lonely sometimes. When I first started visitation, I needed brothers and sisters to arrange transportation for me; however, it would affect them in the long run. I am very grateful that whenever I stay for more than two weeks, the church will provide me with a rental car, which is very helpful to the ministry. I am also grateful for the couple who hosted me and my wife (Mr and Mrs Man), we get along like a family.

Due to the recent pandemic, my pastoral work in Den Bosch Church has been interrupted. In the meantime, we have to connect and share through internet.

Visions and Plans

  1. Den Bosch Chinese Christian Church has been renting venue for a long time, the development of the church is limited because of this. Brothers and sisters also realised this problem. We have started looking for new venue that can be used as the permanent location of the church. We have been praying for God’s guidance and providence.
  2. We hope to build up young people to become the second generation leader of the church.
  3. We ask the Lord to provide a pastor and leader for the permanent pastoring of the church. Only this can make sure the flock can grow healthily.